Judgmental? Or Sound Judgment?

 It seems that there is a popular notion gaining some ground.  This trend that is making its way around is to condemn others as being judgmental.  Particularly to condemn Christians who are of the opinion that that Miss Casey Anthony is guilty of murder.  After a friendly discussion with an old friend, I decided to share some thoughts on this idea of judging others.  I want to begin with clarify any Biblical misunderstanding concerning making judgments, then speak to applying it practically, then share why it is not judgmental to believe Miss Anthony is guilty of murder.

 The Bible does speaks against judging others, but only when our judging is self-righteous and hypocritical.  This is the case in the famous passage of Matthew 7:1-2 “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”  This does not exclude making sound judgments, using discernment, or common sense.  It is simply to admonish us not to be pompous in our judgments.  In fact, there are many passages that command us to make judgments such as with John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment” (also see 1Cor 11:14; 1Thess 5:21; Phil.3:2; 1Jn 4:1; to name a few).   So we are commanded to judge others with a righteous judgment concerning Gospel issues as well as life issues.  This is the case with the entire book of Proverbs.  We are admonished to make judgments about what is foolish vs. what is wise.   We are told to discern between harlots vs. a women of godliness.  So we are to not be hypercritical but to indeed make discerning choices.  This is one difference between being judgmental and making a sound judgment, primarily the use of discernment. 

 Not only are we commanded to be discerning Biblically, practically we make judgments all the time!  In fact, to say to another, “You are judging me!”  The accuser has himself made a judgment upon another.  Everyone makes sound judgments.  Rather it is in Law, Business, Medicine, Academics, or Entertainment we all exercise discernment in all areas of life.  From raising our kids to managing our relationships we make sound judgments all day long.  In reality, our world would be indecisive statements of uncertainty, with no standard, and no security whatsoever if we did not exercise sound judgment/discernment! 

 It seems that many Christians have adopted an inclusive post-modern mentality.  Many have good intentions but have imposed an attitude that no longer tolerates anyone disagreeing with them without being condemned as judgmental.  I know many comments that I have read concerning the Casey Anthony trial came from well-meaning people who want Christians to demonstrate Gospel love instead using ‘lynch mob’ remarks.  I concede that many have been very hateful with their comments.  I do not join them or approve of their rhetoric.  Make no mistake, folks who use such language will one day give an account for every word at the Day of Judgment (Matthew 12:36).  I hope my comments have set me apart from them. 

 But what if one feels that Miss Anthony is a murder and should have been found guilty?  I believe this.  Am I now in this lynch mob category?  Or am I able to discern facts and make a clear decision/judgment?  I believe that she is guilty of murdering her daughter.  I have arrived at this judgment by discerning the facts.  I did not conclude this because she is white, wears clothes I don’t like, or b/c the AP has painted her in some bad light.  I conclude this based on the creditable evidence against her provided by the prosecution…

 1) Chloroform found in Miss Anthony’s Car (with a container of Chloroform found in on the premises as well) and the search for chloroform on computer.

2) Hairs from her car, similar to that which was found at place of recovery

3) Miss Anthony never calling about her daughter missing, after 31 days

4) Miss Anthony lied about her daughter’s whereabouts to her Mother

5) Miss Anthony lied about her daughter being kidnapped/nanny

6) Miss Anthony lied to investigators who were trying to locate her daughter’s whereabouts, instead of being helpful

7) Miss Anthony lied about fictitious, wealthy boyfriend

8 ) She partied hard and got a tattoo while lying about her daughter missing

9) Rotting flesh smell and shape of child’s body in trunk of Miss Anthony’s car

10) Borrowing duct tape and gas can from parents and returning

11) Location of body, and duct tape found on skull (no accident)

 Based on these facts, I believe that she is guilty.  These are not myths, stories, or hearsay but facts.  And even though I heard the defense’s rebuttal to some of these, I was not convinced.  I was able to make a sound judgment using logic and deductive reasoning, not being swayed by empty rhetoric.  

 Furthermore, it is not as if there is not available information to make a sound judgment.  It was all presented and televised for the public to hear, read, and have an opinion!  I watched the trial and kept up with most, if not all the arguments (which were not always good from the prosecution).  And many have seen the evidence provided and agree.  Many people feel that she is guilty because of the credible evidence provided by credible prosecutors.  In addition, there are a significant number of credible attorneys, judges, and journalists who all agree that she should have been found guilty.  Not to mention the countless educated, experienced, God-fearing Christians who all believe that she should have been found guilty based on this same evidence.  They have concluded this judgment not because they are judgmental, but because they were able to discern the facts.

 Many may think I am wrong or have poor judgment (no pun intend) in having such opinions.  I know that only God and Miss Anthony truly know.  But I hope that I have convinced you that it is not a matter of being judgmental.  Now, although I believe that Miss Anthony is guilty murder, I also believe that without Christ we are no better.  Scripture tell us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God” (Rom. 3:23), that means “everyone!”   The Bible clearly states that there is only one Way to the Father and that is through Christ Jesus (John 14:6).  This means all persons – good, bad, and ugly – must repent and receive Christ Jesus as Lord.  This means Miss Anthony as well as Yogi Taylor!  Furthermore, Heaven is filled with murders!  By contrast, Hell is filled with sweet, loving, well-meaning Church-goers as well.  If you believe, as I do, that Miss Anthony is guilty of murder, then you should be moved to pray for her.  Pray not with a heart of hate but with one of compassion.

 Thank you for allowing me to share.


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