Giant 21ft. Killer Crocodile

This is amazing!  Over the weekend a group of villagers captured a massive 21ft saltwater crocodile after a three-week hunt.  The croc is suspected to have killed a number of fisherman in MANILA, Philippines.  It took over 100 people to pull it out of the creek where they trapped it.  Once they got it up on the ground and drug to a clearing, the 2,370 croc was then lifted by a crane into the back of a truck. 

The news of this croc is amazing enough, but what makes this story truly great is the fact that they kept this croc alive!  That’s right, alive!  They plan to take this killer croc who terrorized their area and make it an attraction for all to see, turning fear into excitement.  The Mayor of the town, Edwin Cox Elorde, says that they plan on turning this “from a threat into an asset!”  And indeed he will! 

This raises another question… are dinosaurs really extinct?  I mean there are not T-Rexs roaming around everywhere (thank God) and certainly there are no longer Brontosaurus’ in zoos for viewing.  Would one not agree that there are dinosaurs still living?  Of course alligators and crocodiles immediately come to mind when reading this article.  But what about the Komodo Dragon, or even our modern-day Rhinos (who although is not a reptile could be compared to that of a Triceratops).  There are others such as the Snapping Turtles and the Galapagos Giant Tortoise.  Nonetheless, being true to the definition of the term dinosaur (“giant lizard”) I will concede apart from the handful of illustrations I just gave, my case is a weak one.  However, it would give some validity to the fact that the earth is not as old as many think it is!


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Dinosaurs have always lived with man, but instead of typing up a million reasons, I will simply post this link:

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