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  1. cdbrauns says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

  2. ytaylor says:

    Chris, no problem! I enjoyed your blog and hope you enjoy this one as well.

    It is new and I will be updating it as often as I can, and will look forward to comments that spur us on to love and good deeds (Heb.10).

    Loving the Logos,

  3. Yogi,

    Are you waiting for me to die before you add me to that last list of yours?

  4. cdbrauns says:

    I signed up for your feed…I love using RSS feeds – – it allows me to keep track of so many different blogs like yours, regardless of how often you update.

    I’m sure you use one too – – for those who don’t, see http://gotpreaching.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/rss-feeds/

  5. Shannon says:

    The new blog is off to a good start. I like wordpress so much better. There are a lot less spam blogs on here than blogger. I gave up on blogger last year and made the move to wordpress. I look forward to the updates and you keeping me in touch with what is going on in Mobile. That’s a pretty good picture you have in your header. Where did you get it?

  6. Glo says:

    Bro. Yogi,
    I am soo blessed to be a part of SBC…and to have you Kelli, and your little ones be a part of my life!What a JOY it is to be a part of this creation and to witness the forming of your career in service to God as full time pastor of your own church… Thank you for being “who you are” and “what you are”. And, I am soo looking forward to watch you and SBC grow with your leadership..welcome aboard! I am soo proud of you and what you are doing at our church and with your life…As you walk with Jesus,keep looking up and know we appreciate and love you..looking to the future with much anticipation… thank you again for being you! EXCITEMENT doesn’t even say it!

    Christian love,


  7. ytaylor says:

    Shannon, glad you stopped by! I got the pic from a search of “pictures of Mobile Alabama.” I think it might have been the city of Mobile website.

    Gloria, you are a sweetheart. Thank you for saying those kind things… I look foward to growing with the church.


  8. ben robinson says:

    YOGI freakin TAYLOR!

    How about this? I read your name in the comments on Abraham Piper’s blog… and I was like… Yogi Taylor? I know Yogi Taylor. What in the world? And here I am.

    Hope you are doing well; holler at us if you are coming through Montgomery anytime. 334-313-0301. Peace!

  9. brotherjohnny says:

    Hi Yogi!
    Just stopping by.

  10. Shauna Phillips (Snow) says:

    Hey, Yogi. I’ve looked for you and Kelli so many times. I’m so glad to read that you’re doing well. I’d love to hear from you guys.

  11. Andrew says:

    Continuing on in our efforts to be Gospel-centered in our blogging, the Band of Bloggers network has been created. Join us as we seek to unify and encourage each other.


  12. Jordan Rouden says:

    My first venture into blogging not too long ago and just now realizing how many former classmates blog. Greetings from Tennessee, Yogi. Stephanie says hi as well.

  13. Wade Rials says:

    Yogi, What’s up dood! It’s been awhile, just took a position in Montgomery, maybe we can do lunch sometime. I am going to be in Mobile some this summer.

  14. James Galyon says:

    Nice blog!

  15. Hey Yogi,

    I just found your blog. Great stuff. Hope things are going well. Feel free to stop by and read some of my stuff too.

  16. Yogi:
    Had no idea where you were these days…received an email from Chris Yokley asking friends to pray for your little Hannah…I will continue to do so, and look forward to hearing how God moves in this circumstance…

    God bless your little one!

  17. Leticia Rawls says:

    Hey!! Me and jay have been praying for Hannah. We will continue to pray for her… I hope mommy and daddy are staying strong as you guys are surrounded by prayers. We love you!!

  18. Marina says:

    Please support me in prayer for few things:
    For RENEWING IN THE SPIRIT, prayers that are have efficiency, might, closeness with the Lord
    For friend KACA -that she RECONCILE with her NEBOJSA, for their NEW BEGINNING.. That he does not pay attention to one JELENA, who is like after him, ENJOYING IN DESTROYING RELATIONSHIPS, GOSSIPING OTHERS, SELFSHNESS, but to REMEMBER LONG LOVE WITH KACA…
    For their ways to MEET…That K. & N show their FEELINGS, and that GOD work out peace between them, healing their old hurts,THAT THEY START AGAIN and continue their WAY TOGETHER & and officially get married!
    And for many blessings on YOUR, MINE, KACA’S.. on our families, for HEALTH, more finances, God’s leading and protection..God’s spiritual & financial blessings-BLESS YOU
    Your sister in Christ, MARINA

  19. YOGI!!!!!!! dude do you know how long I have been trying to find you on facebook and myspace and it took Google to do it! I am inspired by you, my former roomie! I often tell people about a certain night in Nov 97. And Third Day is in the top 25 of my playlist on my Ipod more than once. Shoot me an email so we can catch up. cecil.hollinghead@fe.navy.mil

    yes I’m in the navy and out on cruise. There’s a lot to catch up about.

    Be Blessed my brother

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