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Pastors must have oversight of ourselves – By Richard Baxter

THE REFORMED PASTOR THE OVERSIGHT OF OURSELVES – By: Richard Baxter It is a fearful thing to be an unsanctified professor, hut much more to be an unsanctified preacher. Doth it not make you tremble when you open the Bible, … Continue reading

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Kurt Gebhards on Family and Media

                  Five practical questions parents should consider when it comes to media, by Kurt Gebhards. Honestly assess you media consumption.  List the TV shows you watch regularly.  Do you need to make … Continue reading

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Not an Abstraction…

“One feels, in our day, how little there is of simple reading of the Divine Word, and simple understanding of it, unwarped by system, or undiluted by speculation.  Not that Scripture is left unstudied, but it is little studied for … Continue reading

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Bitter are the trials, but sweet is His grace…

My writings have been few lately.  Mostly due to what I like to call “small church politics.” Things have been a little hard for Kelli and I lately, but by God’s grace and a little application of His wisdom I think things have … Continue reading

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VBS – It’s all over but the crying…

Well the VBS is over… so to speak.  We still have our VBS Celebration on Sunday Morning.  I will update you later on how things went… until then enjoy some quotes by our kids… 1. It’s hot. 2. It’s cold. … Continue reading

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J Mac: 10 reasons for preaching the Bible after 40 years…

John MacArthur gives 10 reasons why he still preaches the Bible after 40 years… 1. It’s message is timeless and truly powerful 2. The Bible is the good news of Salvation 3. It sets forth divine truth with clarity and … Continue reading

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Favorite Quote from T4G, by J.Mac

“Soft preaching produces hard people – Hard preaching produces soft people!”

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