Why This Title?

Why call this site Consuming Christianity

Is it redundant to say that one is “consumed” with Christianity?  Isn’t it true that to be a Christian is to be Christ-Centered, i.e. consumed with Christ?  Yes!  However allow me to explain the “Consuming Christianity” I am driving at.  While this is all correct, and there is only one Biblical Christianity, there is a facade of Christianities that exist.  I would like to introduce them to you…

First is Cultural Christianity. These are people that may not even believe in Christ. These people could be Atheists or Buddhists. They may be vocal about believing other systems of belief that deny Christ as God, Savior, and Lord of all. However, they will enjoy the culture of what Christianity offers. Such as, good morals, pleasure in festivals, and other seasonal events! They care not about Christ or His church they just enjoy the Cultural aspect of it!  The pleasures of the world consumes them and not the Glory of God.

The second kind of Christianity is Causal Christianity. This is the person who causally attends church, unfaithfully but enough to say that they are regulars. They are very much a part of worldly activities without discretion. They look like, talk like, and live like the world, because they are of the world! Their lives bare no marks of godliness, humility, God-centeredness, prayer, love for the Scriptures, or hatred of sin.  They are consumed with themselves and not the Glory of God.

The third kind of Christianity is what I call Counterfeit Christianity. These are individuals who look like the real thing but are not.  They are busy in church. They are faithful in attending and giving.  They do and say all the right things. In fact, they are people who see their spirituality based on their deeds and church involvement. They make sure that they wear the right clothes, have the right lingo, read the right books, and participate in all the right things while boycotting all the wrong things. Outwardly they seem genuine, but inwardly they have very little if any passion for Christ. They do not depend on Him but depend on themselves and others. They love their vehicles, homes, and good standing with friends/family, and make great efforts to love those who love them back… but sadly have no love for the Word of God, the lost, or anything that is not entertaining! They are sad people who will find that their Christianity is not that of God but of themselves. They may not look like the world, but there is no resemblance to Christ and His Word.  Religion consumes them not the Glory of God! 

Lastly, there is Consuming Christianity. This is real authentic Christianity. These people have one great passion, the Glory of God. Christ consumes theirs lives. They seek to love Him with all their mind, heart, soul, and strength. They hunger for the Word of God and read it daily. They love the preaching of His Word. They love the Lost unconditionally. They give without expecting return, and are a praying people. They are a people who seek satisfaction in Christ. In short, their hearts long for Christ, His kingdom, and His will. And they hate sin, the flesh, and the world’s way!  They sin, but they struggle to kill it and not be consumed by it!

So… what consumes you?

-Yogi Taylor


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