When not to try homeschooling

When not to try homeschooling

  • If both husband and wife are not in agreement that home education is right for their children, it is best not to proceed. Keep praying!
  • If the parent who will do most of the teaching must have a regular full-time job outside the home, it will be extremely difficult to devote the time necessary to home education and general supervision.
  • If the parent has difficulty maintaining discipline, it may be difficult to have an effective home education program.
  • If you are not committed to the task of teaching, you will not reap the rewards of home education. Unlike a hobby, the education of your children demands a steady “day-in-day-out” commitment. Avoid the “experiment” mentality.
  • Consider your motivation. You want to remove your child from a bad situation, but if you are not answering the call of the Lord to teach your children, you will find it difficult to be successful. Running away from ordinary challenges might teach your child the wrong lesson.

*This was from a Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) that can be viewed here.


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